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Habiba Chowdhury

About My Curry Club

My Curry Club prides itself it a personalised service, we know that each and every person has a unique palate and skill level. We will lead you by the hand and spend the time you need to build your confidence and understanding. With our support & guidance, you will have all the necessary knowledge & ability to leave our school inspired to get back in your own kitchen to keep on cooking.

Our classes are laid back and fun, full of banter along with tons of tips, advice & delicious Masala Chai. Our experts have over 20 years of cooking homemade food with love and passion.

Join our club & enjoy expert masterclasses designed to skillfully teach you how ‘real’ Indian & Bangladeshi homemade food tastes.

Highlighted Bookings

My Classes

Our Luxury Classes

Our Classes

We have designed our masterclasses and workshops with great care and love. There is something for every budget, every cook & lifestyle.

The Plastic Free Spice Bazaar

Order from our Spice Bazaar

We know how hectic life can be, you need to make life easier without compromising freshness and taste. Come along and learn how to cook up a storm for dinners whether you’re cooking for one or for a team. 

Private Class: The luxury of an expert with 100% of attention.

Private Class: Enjoy having the luxury of an expert with 100% of the attention on you.

Why not come along and treat yourself to an exclusive class in our school, just you and our expert. Our private classes are our most popular options. 

Spice Store

My Curry Club Spice Bazaar

Every Friday morning from 10am - 12.30pm come and enjoy buying your authentic freshly blended spices and masalas from us. Buy beautiful glass jars pre filled in 100g and bring it back to refill!

We sell traditional ground & whole spices & authentic curry club blends. Our beautiful glass jars lets you see and smell the spice you need for the perfect cook up.

We are proud to be a plastic-free pick & mix spice bazaar. Call and drop in to top up your spices and take only what you need! so less wastage of spices just sitting in your cupboard.

How does it work?
Pre order your spices and arrange to come by to pick it up or pop by Friday mornings to hand pick them yourself. Just buy a spice jar and purchase your ground & whole spices in weight. When your jar needs filling up just bring it back and top it up. We also sell a small range of other kitchen goodies such as Masala spice trays, chutneys, flours, utensils, cooking pots. If you use it in our kitchen you can order it.

Professional Chefs

Our Team

I created My Curry Club to share my passion & love of real authentic flavours. Women & men in homes across the UK cook fresh dishes every day, none of which are truly represented and offered outside of a loving kitchen.

Women across the world in Bangladeshi homes share their love through food, just as my mum has, just as my sister has and just as I do.

I now want to share and inspire people with the Bangladeshi food I grew up with, the indigenous ingredients and combinations that’ll make you want to cook fresh every day! I feel blessed to have such a multidimensional identity; being a British Bangladeshi Muslim Woman allows me to take advantage of skills, techniques, culture and heritage all linking back to how I make my food… delicious food!

I love to teach & share what I know, have a chit chat and a laugh on the way. The best way to learn is by having fun! Let me guide you and help you simplify the amazingly chaotic world that is the ‘Indian’ kitchen and the multitude of flavours it has to offer.

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