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Hi, I'm Habiba Chowdhury - Welcome to My Curry Club!

I created My Curry Club to share my passion & love of traditional & authentic flavours, dishes that have been forgotten and tastes that the nation are missing out on.

Women & men in homes across the UK (and the world) cook fresh dishes every day, none of which are truly represented and offered outside of a loving kitchen. Home food offers a distinct taste which can only be created, in my opinion with love, patience & practice.

Women across the world in Bangladeshi homes share their love through food, just as my mum has, just as my sister has and just as I do. Food plays a major role across the world for so many people, be it culture, religion or a special occasion.

Through My Curry Club, I aim to inspire people with the mouth watering tastes of Bangladeshi food that I grew up with, the indigenous ingredients and veg combinations that'll make you want to cook fresh every day! I feel blessed to have such a multidimensional identity; being a British Bangladeshi Muslim Woman allows me to take advantage of skills, techniques, culture and heritage all linking back to how I make my food... delicious food!

I love to teach & share what I know, have a chit chat and a laugh on the way. The best way to learn is by having fun! Let me guide you and help you simplify the amazingly chaotic world that is the 'Indian' kitchen and the multitude of flavours it has to offer. Come along, cook, see & taste it for yourself. x

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From interviews on TV to articles in newspapers, we're proud to be teaching our wonderful customers and having the opportunity to speak in the media!

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