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Have a look through our menu and take a look at the dishes you could perfect and enjoy every day at home.

There’s something for everyone, we have many more dishes so if there’s something you don’t see just ask.

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Bengali Filo Samosas

Traditional Bengali samosas with a choice of filling. – Spicy potato & peas – Spiced tuna – Potato & cheese – Lamb/beef mince with peas Coriander & Chilli Chutney Mint Raita Naga Chilli Sauce

Special Dal Bora

Popular in Bangladeshi homes, these simple Lentil Fritters are the epitome of less is more…. for those who want a quick and delicious snack without any use of spice. Coriander & Chilli Chutney Mint Raita Naga Chilli Sauce

Special Onion Bhaji

Super simple and one of the most demanding starters….make your own and enjoy fresh bhajis whenever you crave the,

Spicy Lamb Chops

The ultimate starter for meat lovers who like a little kick. Succulent charred lamb cutlets, marinades in a mix of spices and lovingly cooked till tender and ready to make your taste buds tingle.

Traditional Tandoori Chicken

A staple dish for any occasion and a childhood favourite. This version is a classic without the use of any artificial colours or a tandoor, bursting with flavours.

Aloo Chaat

Cube sof potatoes fried gently till it is crispy on the outside and yet soft and fluffy inside, covered in ground spices, fresh onions, sev, jewels of pomegranate and dots of green chilli chutney.

Special Bengali Aloo Chop

One of the most popular street food dishes you’ll find on every corner in Bangladesh….spicy, soft, fluffy and crispy all rolled into this delicious deep fried dumpling. A must try and once you have you’ll never look back.

Fish Pakora

Spiced boneless fish, dipped in a chickpea batter, deep fried till crispy.

Tuna Bora

Tuna and potato dumplings, spiced and shallow fried for a lip-smacking starter.

Tandoori Mushroom

Tandoori masala married with earthy nutty mushrooms and cooked till slightly crips and charred. Mouthwatering and moreish.

Special Masala Fries

Homemade fries with a crispy masala coating, deep fried for the ultimate snack.

Nimki – Tasty salty snack

Deep fried crispy and flaky pastry lightly salted biscuits with nigella seeds. Usually enjoyed with masala chai or something sweet like Gulab Jamun.

Special Chotli Kebab Balls

Small bitesize crispy balls of finely minced lamb, with a spiced soft centre. Exploding with flavour, warming your mouth enough to leave you wanting more! Before you know it you will have eaten about 10 of these bad boys, enjoyed with a nice chutney.

Special Aloo Baazi

Cooked with basic ingredient and minimal, this dish enhances the natural flavour of any vegetable with an easy process. Cabbage & Carrot Butternut Squash Runner Bean Okra Brussel Sprout

Garlic Saag Sizzler

Saag sizzler is a typical first course in Bengali meals. A subtle but moreish dish. No spice blends are used, the simplistic dish gains its amazing flavours from lots of garlic, green chillies (and dried red chillies if you like it hot)

Special Chana Masala

A vegan and vegetarian favourite. Chickpea curry in a well balanced spicy or non-spicy gravy base of onions and tomatoes….perfect for a snack when cooked dry or keep the gravy full bodied and thick for a satisfying meal with rice/flatbreads.

Special Mushroom & Red Pepper Baaza

Try this heart warming vegan sizzler. The spices enhance the taste of sweet red peppers and juicy mushrooms…a must try for even the most loyal carnivores!

Special Paneer Masala

Paneer is an Indian cheese similar to tofu, cooked in a rich spicy velvety sauce with an array of whole and ground spices. Go ahead and scoop it up with some homemade tawa naan for the ultimate satisfaction!

Special Malai Kofta

Malali koftas are deep fried dumplings made from paneer and potatoes, crispy shells encasing a soft fluffy middle. Served with a creamy spiced sauce…..amazing as a side or main dish.

Bombay Potatoes

A classic at home and another great example of how potatoes and spice create a perfect symphony bold tastes.

Special Gobi Manchurian

Fusion Dish – crispy spiced cauliflower delicately covered in a sticky spicy sauce. Inspired by combining Indian & Chinese cuisines. Serve it as a starter with dipping sauce or serve it as a main.

Paneer Manchurian

Fusion Food – Soft Indian cheese lightly crisped in spices and served in a sweet, spicy and sticky sauce.

Dal Makhani

Buttery black lentil dish.

Tarka Dal

Red lentils cooked and spiced with tempered garlic, cumin and dried red chilli. Can be enjoyed as a thick creamy dal or a lighter soup as a starter.

Roasted Dal with Spinach

Chana dal roasted, cooked and spiced with mouth watering flavours and enhanced with gorgeous green spinach.

Special Murghi Bhuna

Our most popular dish, the perfect curry to learn the basics of layering and blending your curry with tomatoes, onions and spices. A versatile curry for various heat levels from low level spice to hot.

Chicken Chaat

Juicy, zingy and light chicken in a subtle tomato and onion base.

Chicken Achari

Delicious smooth chicken with aromatic Bengali five spice and pickling spices for a full bold flavour.

Murgh Saag

Chicken with smooth spinach in a thick rich sauce.

Spicy Chicken Tikka Curry

Unlike the typical British version, this dish has an authentic chilli twist and less cream….so less calories.

Chilli Chicken Korma

We want to take you out of your comfort zone and away from the typical menu flavours…so why not try tongue tingling korma.

Murgh Aloo

A light flavoursome gravy, a chilli heat to warm your mouth and tickle your taste buds. A childhood favourite and the epitome of a traditional Bangladeshi house hold curry. Usually cooked with chicken on the bone and succulent fluffy potatoes that have soaked in all your spices.

Chicken Rogan Josh

There are so many variations of this dish and you won’t be disappointed in a special house blend spice used for this dish. Chicken in a spiced sauce with chunky tomatoes.

Grilled Tandoori Curry

Charred tandoori chicken on the bone in a delicious sauce to compliment and enhance the smoked flavours.

Chicken Madras

Learn to make the home version of this British Indian industry dish. Placed on our menu due to popular request. Learn to make a curry base sauce to batch freeze and reduce your evening cooking to 30 minutes for a fresh homemade curry.

Kofta Curry

Mouthwatering handmade kofta balls with handmade spices and cooked in a juicy curry sauce. Perfect with chapati or rice.

Special Chotli Kebab Balls

Small bitesize crispy balls of finely minced lamb, with a spiced soft center. Exploding with flavour, warming your mouth enough to leave you wanting more! Before you know it you will have eaten about 10 of these bad boys, enjoyed with a nice chutney.

Special King Prawn Sizzler – Chingri Baaza

Our 30 minute curry, perfect for those work night dinners. Flash fried juicy king prawns cooked in a simple gravy. If you want a curry that will give you the wow factor without a long list of spices then this is a must!

Special Maach Fry

Chunky dense fish such as Salmon is used for the dish. Spices and marinaded and gently fried. Crispy fish with a flaky flavoursome dish. This is a dry dish enjoyed with a salad or rice.

Basa Bhuna

White Basa fish lightly fried in spices and added to a smooth onion and tomato based sauce that has been cooked with a range of ground spices and whole aromatic spices. A lovely dish no matter how low or high you enjoy your heat level.

Spicy Sardine Sizzler

Weekday quick cook up dish. Sardines cooked in sauce flavoured with 6 different spices in an onion base. Master this dish and it can be cooked in less that 30 minutes or less. Perfect with hot Basmati rice.

King Prawn Tandoori

Delicious prawns marinated in a tandoori sauce & gently cooked.

Special Tenga – Fish & Tomato Curry

Enjoy this light tangy and spicy curry. Gentle but oh so moreish! We recommend enjoying this dish with pure white rice in a bowl and enjoy slurping the super light gravy….trust us you will!


The most popular of all flatbreads. Just a few ingredients and easy to make.


Deep fried to till it puffs up into a dome beautifully to give you flaky layers of bread.

Tawa Naan

This renowned bread is known to be made in restaurants using a tandoor….not anymore. Learn to make this without any yeast and enjoy naan whenever you desire. Tear into piping hot, freshly made naan that melts in your mouth.

Lacha Paratha

Layered flaky bread made from whole wheat flour

Special Aloo Paratha

A simple recipe made from whole wheat flour, spiced mashed potatoes, fresh coriander leaves and other every day ingredients we usually have in our larder. Aloo Paratha can be eaten at for any meal, most popular for breakfast. Keema Paratha Mooli Paratha Cheesy Paratha

Patla Pulao

Light, simple and fragrant rice. The perfect dish to compliment your bold curries and the subtle tastes will enhance the flavours rather than clash.

Golden Rice

If you need something quick to cook and want leftovers for lunch, this is the dish for you. A simple dish which uses only a few ingredients.

Jeera Rice

Rice cooked with jeera releasing its gentle natural taste. The jeera brings a deeper dimension when mixed with out curries, which makes it a popular choice whether you are dining in or dining out.

Lamb Biryani

Slow cooked lamb in tamarind and spices with layers rice and garnished with saffron milk, mint, fried onions and fresh coriander. Serve with greek yoghurt. A technical dish and time-consuming. Ideal for those looking to challenge themselves after mastering the basic use of spices. Recommended after completing My Curry Clubs 6 week course or as part of it.

Chicken Biryani

Created with beautiful layers of white rice and chicken biryani curry and a separate tomato spiced blend. Garnished with freshly fried onions. A technical dish, ideal for those who are have mastered the basic dishes and use of spices. Recommended after completing My Curry Clubs 6 week course or as part of it.

Chicken Chaat

Juicy, zingy and light chicken in a subtle tomato and onion base.

Chicken Jhal Frezi

Traditional on menus and a great historical dish. Jhal in Bengali means hot and Frezi means stir fry. Learn how to make this fresh, delicious and popular curry. You will be in control of the heat level, so don’t let that put you off….we can help you make a mild version if that suits you better,

Besan Chapati – Gluten free flatbread

Quick, simple & delicious gluten free Indian flatbread. If you need an alternative flatbread due to dietary restrictions or you want to expand your taste buds to something other than naan bread or traditional chapati, then this is the dish for you.

Spicy Keema Lamb Sizzler

Lamb like you have never tasted before. Whether you already love it or despise lamb/beef mince. This mouthwatering dish will keep you wanting more. Tried & tested at Cheshire Foodies Festival, we can proudly say our gorgeous velvety keema can be enjoyed by everyone! and the bonus part is it can be cooked within 30 minutes from start to finish.

Laal Cutlet

A naturally vibrant red (laal) deep fried crispy starter, made with spiced beetroot and potato. A forgotten street food snack popular in Bengal. If you want a wow factor on the table and on your taste buds, you must try this dish. Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, can be gluten free too!

Aloo Pakora

The irresistible crispy finger food no one can resist. Perfect for any time of the day and easy to make. The choices are limitless with pakoras, but a firm favourite by a mile would be the famous Aloo Pakora. So simple yet there is still techniques you need to get right, by knowing how much water is too much, the…

Nawabi Keema Tikka

A medley of meat flavours enjoyed in gravy with tomato richness, balanced spices with a little edge,  to enjoy with the rustic charred juicy chicken tikka pieces you will marinade and cook yourself. A rich tomato & ground beef/lamb gravy with a hint of creaminess from the use of cashew nuts; a historical sign of royalty.

Besan Chilla

Soft not fluffy, these gluten-free chickpea-based pancake is wholesome, colourful, has a texture with crunchy onions but still stays nice and soft to scoop up your achars or curry sauce.

Shami Kebab

Encased in a crispy eggshell is a soft pate of ground lamb with infused spices to give it a smoky, aromatic flavour. Soft inconsistency, this historical kebab is ideal for those who don’t want something with a bite. Enjoy with a wedge of lemon and salad for a starter or appetiser.

Veg Pulao Biryani BIR style

Learn the boiled absorption method of cooking rice infused with whole spices, onions and a mixture of ground spices. All infused and cooked together for the perfect rich yet balanced rice. Upgrade this to a two dish session – ask to include a curry sauce to complete it as a stand-alone meal.

Begun Baaza Curry

Spiced aubergine in a rich, tomato creamy sauce. Enjoy the aubergines as they soak in all the spices and still have a nice bite to them. Once you learn this versatile dish with us, you will enjoy pairing it up with some baby potatoes, paneer or even cherry tomatoes for variety.

Chicken Pathia

A traditional British Indian Restaurant creation, hot, sour and sweet. A trifactor of flavours with a Persian influence with the use of Tamarind to create sour tones.

Kodhu Murgh Jhol

Kodhu is either pumpkin or butternut squash, adding a natural sweetness to your curry, absorbing in all the spices yet still has a juicy bite. Enjoyed with chicken, be on the bone or fillets. Jhol means sauce in Bengali. This curry uses fewer onions for a lighter yet flavour-packed chicken curry. Enjoyed mild or hot.

Aloo Gosht

Lamb and potato curry is one of the staple dishes of a Bengali household. Aloo means potato and Gosht means red meat. Enjoyed best when it’s hot and on the bone, but works well with beef or lamb fillets too.

Chawol Chilla (Gluten Free)

Rice flour pancakes, soft and healthy. Gluten-Free and versatile to be enjoyed as a snack with achar, breakfast, lunch as a roll or with a nice curry for dinner.

Chicken Tikka Biryani

When it comes to the perfect biryani, practice makes perfect. There are several different elements and stages of this dish. The best way to ensure it turns out perfect is to plan, prep and cook each stage one at a time until you become a pro at it. This dish will count as two dishes – e.g. if you have…

Murgh Makhni

A home-made richer and more balanced with spices, also known as the British Butter Chicken. You can go all out with heavy cream and rich butter, or you can reduce down the calories with a lighter cream and clarified butter/ghee.

Malai Kofta Curry

Crispy light vegetable kofta balls, made with paneer and spiced potato with a medley of veg, served in a malai (creamy) tomato-based curry sauce, balanced and seasoned with mild spices.

Dal Mulligatawny

The sister dal to Tarka Dal, made with red lentils. Thicker and spiced with more garam masala and sizzled in small diced green peppers and red onions.

Chilli Paneer Cigars

Crispy filo pastry rolled in a lightly spiced, crumbly paneer filling. You can freeze them and make them healthier by popping them in an air fryer.

Begun Crisp Discs

Thin fresh aubergine discs, coated in a spiced batter and topped with aromatic seeds. Gently shallow fried and served as a snack or as a side to your white rice.

Sana Baaza

A typical Bengali ‘nashtha’ meaning snack. A dry spiced chickpea dish. Sana (in Bengali) translates to Chickpea and Baaza means dry fry.

Garden Sabzi

If you want to enjoy a curry with no use of red chilli powder then this is it. A light gravy-based curry perfect for anyone who wants flavour but not a spicy heat flavour. A combination of potato, gourd, carrots, peas and even jackfruit nuts (during the season) for a nice bite and natural flavours. Ideal for kids too.

Lamb Saagwala

A rich spiced, slow-cooked Lamb or even beef curry with a spinach gravy sauce ….the more patient you are with this curry the more flavour you’ll enjoy.

Chicken Malai Tikka

Malai means cream, a great alternative to the infamous Chicken tikka. Juicy chicken bites cooked in a blend of yoghurt, cream, green chillies and spices.

Karai Paneer Curry

This curry focuses on enhancing the flavours of tomatoes; the aim is to cook off the sharp characters and enjoy the slightly tangy taste blended with paneer and spices.

Gobi Bites

Crispy spiced cauliflower florets, mixed in a light batter and spices. Deep fry, shallow fry or even air fry!

Begun Bhortha

Begun means aubergine in Bengali and Bhortha means a spicy, smoky savoury chutney that can be enjoyed with rice or fresh flatbread.Bhortha are different to the chutneys served in restaurants or jars, these are hand-crushed, hot, savoury and part of a meal, not an appetiser.

Aloo & Deem Biryani

Juicy slow cooked potato, cooked in layered rice and juicy gravy, Topped with chilli and turmeric spiced eggs.

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