Luxury Couples Class

Luxury Couples Class

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  • Couples Cook Together

    Share the workload and cook together

    Cook a starter & a main together….share the prep duties and leave with two deliciously handmade dishes home to enjoy.

    What to expect from the class:

    Choose your dishes from our menu and spend a couple of hours working harmoniously cooking together. A great way to cook some dinner, learn together, do something different to eating out or just time together.

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  • Indian Street Food Platter

    Indian street food session. Get your hands dirty and enjoy nibbling your delicious food as your chop, mix and fry away. Learning to make 3 tantalising tasty street food dishes. Enjoy learning a range of traditional small explosions of flavour, understand how to create bold flavours and make the most of your spices and ingredients, best of all you’ll be sharing your experience with someone you love. 


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  • Couples Vegan Masterclass

    Are you looking for new and better ways to discover explosive and bold flavours with vegan cooking? Perhaps one member or more of your family are trying to at least cut down on meat. It can be tough to enjoy food that doesn’t excite you.

    There is no such thing as boring or bland vegan Indian food. Book in your class and support your change with the right menu! We will teach you both 3 dishes that’ll be prepared and cooked together by you both.

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  • Premium Couples Masterclass

    Come along with your favourite person and a foodies experience together but with your own workstations and your own hand cooked dishes to take home and showcase. 

    This is the perfect upgrade from our Couple cook together session for those who may not live together and want to take their own dishes home. Just decide what dishes you both want to cook beforehand, once you get here roll up your sleeves, get your aprons, get cooking…. some even like a little lighthearted competition!

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