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    Live One to One Video Classes – Skype, Facetime or Zoom!

    Enjoy learning to cook fresh homemade traditional food at home.

    Each session aims to teach you the basic fundamentals of becoming a spice master.

    We will send you ingredients and prep instructions prior to your class.

    £45 per person but you can always invite others to book and enjoy a group session.

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  • LIVE Video Class – Flaky Paratha, Indian bread class.

    We are now offering LIVE ONE TO ONE classes. Whether you have video calling on Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime or free on Zoom, we will be here helping you in real time.

    Learn to cook delicious simple flaky parathas, not as heavy as naan or as light as chapati….it’s a tasty mid point. Spice it up or add some nice herbs or even stuff them! One amazing dish with limitless options! . It is the same information you would get coming into our school, but this way you stay safe and cook in the comfort of your own kitchen.

    Once you book your class, we will contact you to allocate a 1-1.5 hour time slot, tell you what ingredients you need to have and we can even have spices ready for you to collect, or if you are local we can aim to drop them off (time and supply dependant)

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  • Double Bread & Chutney Class – Chapati and Flaky Lacha Paratha!

    During lockdown we all worried about our skills, equip yourself with a couple of simple bread skills, use them for wraps at lunch, a quick cheat pizza paratha, sweet paratha for breakfast and of course a nice satisfying dinner.

    Within just 2 short hours you wont ‘knead’ to buy store bought flatbreads ever again…..fresh is king!

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    NEW! Stuff It Masterclass!

    Come and have some fun working with your hands in our exclusive Stuff It class.

    Learning 6 different elements all coming together paired with some chutneys!

    The ideal class for those who don’t have time to keep cooking and want to batch freeze, the snackers, the new homecooks and the professionals who want to try something new and exciting.

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  • NEW! Catch Up Curry Class for 4

    An intimate, safe group of four. Our new classes, designed with social distancing in mind. Organise your group of friends and family for a catch-up curry class.

    We have had to re-think and redesign our group classes. By reducing the numbers down to just four people within your social circles allows you to remain in control, meaning you enjoy the experience one 100%

    Enjoy making some starters together to start your session off, enjoy picking and eating them while you learn to prep and cook a traditional curry from scratch.

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